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Our Staff
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pet's Pesky Pests

Some of the worst insects and parasites for our pets are fleas and ticks. Flea bites and bites from other insects are one of the most common types of dog allergies.  Being proactive and taking an active stand against fleas is better than dealing with the discomfort and suffering your dog will experience if they develop flea allergies.
My clients ask me what I recommend or what I use to prevent a flea infestation in the Kennel, yard and on my pets.  There are a variety of flea products available for treating your yard.  I use a “pet friendly” product to treat my yard around the Kennel called “Sevin Dust”.  Used as directed this is very effective and is safe to use around pets.
You should be very careful when selecting “organic” or “natural” products that claim to kill or repel insects that can harm your pets. Some of these products may repel some pests but will attract others.  The most important thing to remember is NEVER spray anything directly on to your pet unless the product says it safe to do so. If in doubt consult your local Veterinarian.
Many people have told me over the years that Frontline Plus is no longer effective on their pets to repel or kill fleas.  I no longer sell Frontline, mostly because many people do not know how to apply it correctly so it is wasted and not effective.  I use Comfortis® pills, available at your Vet’s office. These are very effective and completely safe when administered correctly. Again you should always consult with your vet before treating your pet!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Live Doggy Webcams

We’ve heard from several of our clients and yes we are listening! I am so happy to announce that “Live Doggy Webcams” are coming to Gray Knob Kennels.  Pet owners will now have the peace of mind that they will be able to see their pet from anywhere in the world!

Your pet is an important member of your family. Just as with any other important family decision, your choice of a kennel should not be taken lightly. Whether you are leaving your pet while you go on vacation or whether you are just leaving them for a short business trip, you need to have the peace of mind that your pet is being cared for in a loving environment with professional attention. 

Our cameras will be furnished by ABCKam. We believe they have the most extensive secure web based platform, using fully digital daycare cameras for streaming digital web video on the market. Remote viewing of the webcams on any PC or smart phone can be done just by logging into the secure site, requiring no software downloads. There is also a calendar of events, to post what's happening at Gray Knob Kennels, and bulletin boards, to post messages to our clients.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that by this summer we will be moving into our brand new facility and that we will have the cameras fully operational at that time!! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet the Staff

My name is Vickie Lawson:   I am a Certified Master Groomer, completing the 12 week course at Concord School of Grooming in 2004. I belong to IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association) formerly ABKA (American Boarding Kennel Association).  I am also a Certified Pet Care Technician.  I am the proud owner of Gray Knob Kennels; we have been in business since 2004.

I am married to Darrell Lawson who helps me maintain the kennels. We have a very large family of furry babies - 3 Papillons Bandit, Cooper and Annie; 2 Labs Maggie and Cocoa; 2 Shelties Karly and Katie; a Maltese named Snoopy and a Rat Terrier mix named Barney.

As owner of Gray Knob Kennels I am very “Hands On” in running my business and am committed to making sure each and every pet has an enjoyable and stimulating stay.  We know the importance of teamwork and together we strive to provide a fantastic experience for your furry companions.  It is our hope that, when choosing a boarding facility for the care of your pet, you will choose Gray Knob Kennels to provide exemplary, compassionate and affordable pet services and care.

My Name is Haylee Russell: I graduated from Midway High School in 2010 and before working at Gray Knob Kennels I worked at Ratchets Bar & Grill and Sports Clips. Growing up I had lots of pets and have always loved dogs and decided I'd like to work at a place where I could get paid to do what I love! I have a Pit Bull Mix named Cocoa that I adopted, a Boxer Mix named Goofy, a Weimaraner Mix called Haley and Cotton a Rottweiler Mix. 
 I began working at Gray Knob Kennels shortly after high school as a Bather; from there I moved to Kennel Worker and was recently promoted to Kennel Manager. As the Kennel's Manager it's my responsibility to oversee the day-to-day operations of the boarding facility, handle customer service issues, manage the kennel staff, and most of all ensure that the animals in my care are safe and well provided for. I enjoy working with the pets, clients and staff members that make up the Gray Knob Kennels family and I enjoy the daily challenges and rewards of my job.

My Name is Kylie Lee: I was raised in South Carolina but moved to Florida in 2007 where I graduated and was then blessed by the birth of my son, Ayden.  I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Angel, a Beagle named Chief and a Kitten called Whiskers.  I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life, which inspired me to find a career where I could be around animals.  I recently moved to Tennessee about 5 months ago and was given a chance to make a career out of what I love to do.  I was hired on at Gray Knob Kennels as Assistant Kennel Manager and have been welcomed and accepted by my new "family" with open arms.  I now have my dream job and would also like to learn Pet Grooming.  I’ve enjoyed learning new things about the pet care industry, getting hands on training and of course I love working with the animals.
I enjoy working at Gray Knob Kennels because everyday can be different for me and it’s so rewarding dealing with all the personalities of the furry four legged pets.  My day to day routine includes caring for the boarders by feeding, cleaning, bathing, walking and playing with them.  I supervise the Kennel Workers and ensure that all the pets receive the best care possible.  I absolutely love taking care of and becoming best friends with your animals and it’s my pleasure to pamper your pets while you are away.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are Vet Recommended

Vaccination Requirements
Most pet owners would be surprised by the wide variation in vaccination protocols among veterinarians. Although nearly all follow the same general guidelines, they clearly develop their own “brushstrokes” based on their clinical experience. State regulations also influence what vaccines they administer and how often. With the exception noted below, we honor your veterinarian’s protocol. 

Because of these individual variations we require vaccination documentation that clearly indicates the expiration date, not simply the administration date of any given vaccine. If you have an older pet your veterinarian may also determine that he no longer requires one or another vaccine. In general we will respect his or her judgment in this regard if you provide us with a written statement of suitability for boarding for our files.

The one exception to the foregoing discussion centers on the Canine Cough (Canine Tracheobronchitis) vaccine, which is sometimes referred to as “kennel cough” despite the fact that this highly contagious ailment is as likely to be transmitted at a grooming shop, a dog park, a vet hospital, or even by the dog next door. The most common causes of Canine Cough are the bacterium, Bordetella bronchiseptica, or canine parainfluenza virus, or type 2 canine adenovirus.

We absolutely require that your dog have an in force Canine Cough vaccine. Which version of the vaccine the vet prefers (some prefer the injectable “Bordetella”, most we are familiar with lean toward the intranasal version Bordetella, some alternate between the two) is fine with us. If this is his first administration of the vaccine, we require that it be given two weeks before his check in date 

We are proud to say that we are recommended by the Vets in the area.  

This is our Mascot Barkley with Vet Tech. Allison she works for Dr. Park in Rockwood. Allison is also one of our clients. 

This is the staff at Dr. Warner's office in the Harriman location.

This is the staff at the Roane Veterinarian office in Midtown

This is the gang at Dr. Simpson's office in Kingston

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Gray Knob Kennels is using a new state-of-the art scheduling software called PetExec. This software has functionality to produce corporate quality marketing and promotions that can be emailed to customer lists. PetExec also automatically emails boarding appointment and vaccination due reminders as well as poochie birthday greetings.

This is “Not your old style kennel software, PetExec is intuitive, easy to learn and feature rich!”  Pet owners can login and schedule boarding appointments, daycare appointments or modify pet information.  There is no way to schedule on-line grooming appointments at this time.  With PetExec you're just a few keystrokes away from: Pet Information, Owner Information, Checkout items from each service purchased, Boarding Information, Grooming Transactions, Schedule Boarding and Daycare Appointments, Maintain our Pet's Vaccinations, Food and Medications, Update or Add New Photos.


Enter your username and password in the supplied fields.

Click the "Login" button to validate your username and password and continue.

Lost Password

If you forgot your username or password, click on the "forgot" link to bring up the lost password feature.

Enter your email address and the system will email your username and password to that address if it exists in the system.

Modify your personal information under the Owner & Pet tab, and click the Update Information button to save it to the system.

Under the same tab, modify your pet’s information by clicking the Pet Name to modify the information about that pet.

Be sure to click on the "Modify Pet" button at the bottom of the page to save any changed information to the system.

To delete a pet, click the Delete link.

Note: If you need to add a pet, please contact Gray Knob Kennels.

Your PetExec Home Page

Current Status

·        View your pet’s vaccination status
·        View your pet’s Daycare package status
·        View your pet’s Boarding status


·        Schedule your pet’s boarding times
·        Modify boarding times
·        View your pet’s boarding schedule


·        Schedule your pet’s daycare times
·        View your pet’s daycare calendar

Purchase History

·        View your payment information.
·        View  receipts
·        Check for any outstanding balances

Daycare Packages

·       View your pet’s daycare history

Friday, March 9, 2012

Something about us....

Pet boarding is growing more and more popular for people who want to make sure that their pet is not only taken care of while they’re gone, but that he is tended to and given the love and attention that he requires.  If you're a frequent business or leisure traveler and hate to leave your cherished pet with just anyone, we have your solution.

Think about what really makes your pet comfortable when you leave or go away. Often your pet pleads with you using that special, uncanny eye contact (that pets alone possess!) not to go. When you do leave, they take a snooze and wait for your return. Your pet may not be able to tell time, but you can, and a week is a long time to be without those very things your pet lives for.

Gray Knob Kennels strives to be the place your pet wants to stay! Our caring staff gives your pet individual attention and love. We are a small Boarding Kennel and offer each dog private relaxation space, while large outdoor enclosures provide much needed socialization and play time. We encourage you to "Look before Book" so that you are comfortable with your choice! We will follow up with you after your pet has stayed with us...because we care!  We don't charge extra for caring! We walk them, we play with them, we talk to them, we reinforce the basic commands. We don't lock them up and leave them. We even open up our home to them! 

How special is your pet? If there were someone in your absence, who could provide a loving touch, a pat on the head, and soft tones of someone who cares about them, would you deny, even for a minute, the pleasure and reassurance your pet would derive from that experience? When it’s a question of comfort and quality care for your pet, is there really a question where your pet would rather be?

Now when your pet sees the bags being packed, they get excited .... not with those "can I go with you eyes" .... but "oh yeah....we're going to Gray Knob Kennels"!